GrimmGreen, a True Love Story

I know what you are thinking, he is a man, I am a man, this could get awkward. You just might be right about that because I am going to ramble on in a rather affectionate way and I can’t promise I won’t cross any lines. Am I a GrimmGreen fan? Guilty! Do I love this guy? I think I just might!

My little love affair with GrimmGreen goes back a few years now. First, the back story.

I had tried vaping via a horribly overpriced starter kit from a mall kiosk around 4 years ago now. This experience was just terrible, I tried a bunch of things at the time and it just sucked. All of the juice I managed to find tasted like dirt and the devices were simply a joke. This didn’t last long at all, I hung it up and continued smoking.

Flash forward almost two years, still smoking like an overweight chimney I was starting to get desperate to quit. I looked over the options available and I didn’t see anything which I thought would really work for me, this brought me back around to vaping. Things seemed to have changed, there was a lot of juice out there and the devices really seemed to have been improving while I wasn’t paying attention. I blindly ordered an Ego kit along with some juice and started giving it another go. This experience was very close to my first and that’s to say not so great. I was perplexed, how could this be? This is when GrimmGreen came in to my life.

Thirsty for knowledge I hit Google and naturally YouTube and I watched a lot of videos. There were a few people who really stuck with me and GrimmGreen was one of them. His reviews and how-to type videos really helped me get a grasp on what is no doubt a very complex little industry with mountains of options. His presentation was so easy to understand as a newcomer and he managed to entertain me at the same time. Was I “in love” with him? Not quite yet, this was more of a first date.

Over the next few years is when I made my transition to vaping full time. I was very off and on for the first year with some bouts of dual-use and then it finally took. GrimmGreen was there the whole time, on my screen and in my ear. His videos continued to entertain, inform and encourage me to make the change for good. Please don’t get me wrong as many other people were a very big part of my transition and I will certainly blather on about them in good time. So was I in love yet? Not quite, maybe a bit of minor league second base and a little on top of the clothes stuff.

Finally we get to the sexy time, the man love, the stuff. Around six months ago I made, it was a quick little project which I spun together simply because I wanted it. I was rebuilding and all of the other calculators were a pain to use and I wanted something quick and easy. After I made the calculator I shared it over on Reddit and people seemed to like it. One of these users in turn shared it with none other than GrimmGreen. Before I knew it was blowing up, tons of people were using it and I couldn’t figure out why and then I saw it, I heard it, I read it. The man I have been watching for years was talking about something I made, some silly little project. I am honestly not the sort of person to be starstruck, I have met plenty of truly famous people in the past but this was something different. I almost can’t describe the feeling which came over me.

Never before have I had such validation from someone which I respected and it wasn’t just GrimmGreen. He was making it very clear that the little tool I whipped up in no time at all was useful and something that was helping people stay safe. This just put a grin on my face, ear to ear. Soon enough this all passed and things died down, I would pop in and check the statistics on from time to time just to see if people were still using the tool and they were. Just last week I was watching the latest GrimmGreen production and again I heard that name, again my face just lit right up. It was last week when I decided to actually get started on this blog, to set up a Twitter account and to write this post. Hopefully Nick gets a chance to read this and hopefully he understands just how much I appreciate everything he’s done. The reviews, the vlogs, his website and of course those moments when he has introduced his viewers to my handy little tool called

Do I love this guy? Yes, yes I do and I am not afraid to say it.